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3 Men’s Outfit Ideas For Valentine’s Day | Formal & Casual Valentine Day Styles For Every Man

3 (3)Valentine’s Day.

It’s the ultimate date night.



But let’s face it, sometimes cheesy is fun.

And of course, men spend so much time planning (or last minute prepping) that we overlook a key element…our presentation.

There’s nothing worse than getting everything set for the big night and then finding out you didn’t even dress for the occasion.

It’s cool, that’s why I am here.

To remind you to.

This article is going to cover 3 outfit ideas for men this Valentine’s Day. 

This article was brought to you in collaboration with Bar III. Set The Bar this Valentine’s Day with the perfect suit or blazer for your night.

IMG_0438-e1455085800795The Formal Date

I love a solid 3-piece. The brown is a nice neutral that isn’t overly formal but still says that you’re dressed to impress. 

The vest is optional. 

I went with black single monk straps for this look. While there is a rule about not wearing black shoes with brown clothing or vice versa, I felt that this brown was light enough to pull off a darker color shoe. 

The blue tie is the sprinkle of color. It adds a nice contrast to the outfit allowing it to pop off of the pinstripe shirt. 

This is a great outfit for these date ideas:

  • A fancy dinner date
  • A play
  • An art gallery opening
  • A ballroom dancing event
  • Jazz club (add a nice fedora) 

IMG_7001-e1455081630692The Casual Date

When thinking casual, the first thing that comes to mind is mix and match. A matching suit will always outweigh denim or chinos with a blazer on the formality scale.

This outfit is for the guy who wants a casual date night. Maybe he prefers a romantic picnic in the park or cooking dinner at home for his date.

Cardigan vests make an excellent choice to dress down and still layer. The contrast of colors adds depth to the outfit which helps create a balanced silhouette.

The cobalt blue jacket is very low on the formality scale which helps push this outfits casual nature even further.

This outfit is great for these dates:

  • A picnic
  • A home cooked dinner date
  • A casual restaurant
  • Going to the movies
  • Coffee

IMG_1423-e1455082365364The Bachelor

So you’re single on Valentine’s day.

So what?

Go to a high-end club with the guys.

Try this on:

  • The full cobalt suit.
  • Spread Collar
  • Windsor knot
  • Wingtip Bluchers


The bachelor’s’ outfit.

You may be alone at the beginning of the night, but who knows? With this outfit, you may meet some potential dates for Valentine’s next year 🙂

This article was brought to you in collaboration with Bar III. Set The Bar this Valentine’s Day with the perfect suit or blazer for your night.

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