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The Topcoat: A Menswear Essential

topcoatNeo, from The Matrix, Inspector Gadget, and Sherlock Holmes.

What do they all have in common?

Well, besides being mental and physical super humans, they all rock some sort of overcoat in their personal image.

Why do you think that is?

Well aside from the extreme functionality that comes with hiding a plethora of weapons and gadgets, the top coat portrays an alpha look on a man. It has a sophisticated yet dominant appeal.

I have to admit something, I never used to own a topcoat.

In fact, I never wanted a coat that would go past my waist. I had a specific style that I was used to and I never wanted to experiment or try anything new.

Many stylists would argue that longer coats are only for the guy looking to take some risks with his style, due to the fact that it drapes down past the waist.

This was my original thought process as well.  I would say ”This looks cool on him, but it doesn’t fit my style.”

However, after owning one and seeing the function and style that it provides, I now would say that this is a staple piece that belongs in every man’s closet.

Not convinced yet? Well let me make my point…

History of an Overcoat

Historically, overcoats were used to block water, mud, or any type of weather from splashing onto you when riding a horse. It also served to protect your suit while attending formal events in bad weather.

As time progressed, this functional piece of menswear transformed into a stylish piece of fabric, as most traditional pieces do.

What is a Topcoat?

A topcoat is a lighter weight version of an overcoat, and usually a little bit shorter as well.

Overcoats generally fall below the knees, and are heavier and thicker in material

Topcoats will fall to about the mid thigh area.

They can be single or double breasted, with peak or notch lapels.

The double breasted tends to be for colder climates because it can cover much more of your frame and lock in body heat better.

Why is a Topcoat Essential?

Two basic reasons, function & style.

  1. Function

The topcoat is a perfect piece to add an extra layer of warmth in the colder seasons.

Topcoat fabrics are usually wool or wool blends creating the perfect harmony between lightweight and weatherproof.  

If you’re looking for something heavier, than an overcoat or a trench coat may be more to your liking.

  1. Style

Let’s say you read all of the above and your response is, “Well I don’t really care about all that function, I just want to look good.”

Good news, the topcoat is perfect for that too.

How to Style a Topcoat

You can wear a topcoat with a shirt and tie underneath to give your outfit some contrast, or add a vest for extra layering to create depth in your outfit.

Another stylish way to wear a topcoat is with a basic crew neck tee and denim.  It makes for a great center piece of the outfit while everything else is simple.

Since the original use for a topcoat was to protect the suit, rock it with the suit!


You don’t have to be “The One”, a genius deductive reasoner, or a gadget flying cyborg to rock an overcoat, you just have to be you.

It is clear that the topcoat is a staple item for the wardrobe.  From function to style, it has all the bases covered.

Now you may be asking where you can get one? And also one that is affordable!

My Recommendation for Topcoats

My personal favorites are the ones from Southern Gents. (Pictured above)

Use the code UNKEPT at checkout for a discount on your topcoats today!

But you can go to pretty much any menswear store to find one.


Leave some comments below on how you would style a topcoat!

Use code UNKEPT for a discount on your topcoats.

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