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The Survival Suit With GQ and Joseph Abboud

IMG_3856-e1443670090245The Survival Suit?

What does that mean?

Joseph Abboud has engineered this suit for the professional on the go. It can withstand weather, sweat, and all the hard work you put in every day.

It’s designed so the working professional on the move can still stay stylish.

Even though fall has “officially” started, Texas still doesn’t like to play by the rules. It will feel like summer here for a couple more months. We usually like to skip Fall and jump to Winter.

Since I still need to dress professionally I need something that is lightweight. This suit has a breathable 3 layer chest piece and perforated shoulder pads to allow for better airflow and comfort.  This makes it perfect for hotter climates.

When I wear fitted suits, sometimes I am restrained from putting my hands all the way up and they can be difficult to move in.  The Survival Suit has mesh in the armhole and stretch shoulder inserts to allow for a greater range of motion.

In addition, It’s water and stain repellent, easy to pack, and easy to travel with as the fabrics have wrinkle and crease recovery.

Here is the best part: IT’S AFFORDABLE

Unkept Gentleman rating: 5 stars

Shop this look exclusively at your local Men’s Wearhouse or online HERE.

Disclaimer: No this isn’t an affiliate link so I won’t make a commission if you buy from this link. It’s there solely for your access.

Suit by Joseph Abboud.

Let me know what you think about this suit in the comments!

Photography by @Photog_P

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