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5 Tips To Buy The Perfect Sneakers To Wear Outside The Gym | How To Buy The Right Tennis Shoes For Casual Outfits


Picture this scenario:

You are getting ready for a casual night out.

Nothing fancy.

You put together a laid back outfit and then it’s time for the sneakers.

You open the closet and you see them…

The dirty grimy tennis shoes you sweat and run in every day.

Your only pair of sneakers are your workout shoes.

You quickly realize you don’t own tennis shoes that will work for an informal night. You only have one pair of kicks that occupy both roles.

While convenient, there are a couple issues here:

  1. The wear and tear is quicker which leads to spending more money on new shoes.
  2. It’s difficult to keep one pair crisp when you sweat and run in them daily.


Unless you clean them after every workout (which can be time-consuming and inconvenient), it is probably better to own at least one ADDITIONAL pair that you will use for informal wear outside of the gym.

This article will cover 5 things to look for in a tennis shoe that you don’t want to use for exercising.



This article was brought to you in collaboration with ECCO Shoes. Their new Intrinsic 2 sneakers are the perfect versatile pair of shoes to wear with any casual outfit. 

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ECCO 11. Durability

While you would normally see this tip in the exercise shoe category it is just as important for your non-exercise sneaker.


Because this may be the only other pair of additional casual shoes you have and want it to last a while.

Tennis shoes have, on average, a lifespan of 500 miles (or about 6 months if you walk quite a bit). Having one pair for exercise and one pair of informal wear means hitting that 500-mile mark will happen much slower since you’re not using the same pair for both.

What to look for on durable shoes:

  • Seam Strength
  • Sole Bond adhesion
  • Water Resistance
  • Flex cracking resistance



ECCO 82. Quick To Clean

Crisp sneakers are the difference between a regular laid back outfit and a dynamite casual look.

When you see someone with fresh sneakers it’s not always obvious to pinpoint exactly what makes them stand out. Often times it is a subtle difference that can make someone say “wow that outfit looks great”.

In order to maintain that effortless style, you want a pair that isn’t a pain to keep clean.

AVOID WHITE CANVAS! The slightest dirt on a white canvas is a pain to get out. Unless you feel like using a toothbrush, soap, and hot water, save the white canvas for a sunny day.

If you do want a canvas material black is a great option. It also doesn’t scuff very easily.

While leather is easy to wipe off, you do run into a scuff issue.

Mesh sneakers can be washed in the washing machine, just make sure to take out the sole of the shoe and any laces (if applicable). Wash on a delicate cycle with minimal detergent.


ECCO 33. Comfortability

Comfort is always key when buying tennis shoes. The worst feeling is when shoes look fresh but hurt to wear. It defeats the purpose of shoes.

When looking for comfort pay attention to a couple things:

  • Arch support
  • Slip-On Vs Laces
  • Sole cushion
  • The right size


When you can find a fresh pair that feels great. BUY!


4. Versatility

Your main pair (or first pair) of casual outfit sneakers need to go the distance. Not just in durability but in matching with outfits.

They need to be a pair that can be worn with any outfit: (jeans, shorts, chinos, etc.)

Versatile Colors For Sneakers Include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray


Once you start venturing off into bright colors it’s harder to wear them with every outfit.

If you want neon orange sneakers, make them your gym shoes.


5. Aesthetic Design

Last but not least, the design should be different and unique.

This one can be up for interpretation as everyone has different styles and opinions on what is a cool design.

Find the one that you like the best.


Personally, I prefer simple designs. I want my sneakers aesthetic nature to be so subtle that when someone sees an outfit, they subconsciously notice that it stands out but they can’t pinpoint why exactly.  These subconscious tells give off an effortless approach to dressing that can be used over and over again.

As the saying goes, “There is beauty in simplicity”

This article was brought to you in collaboration with ECCO Shoes. Their new Intrinsic 2 sneakers are the perfect versatile pair of shoes to wear with any casual outfit. 

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