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Top 5 Menswear Brands To Watch | Magic Las Vegas 2016

Top-5-Brands-1MAGIC Las Vegas…(Or PROJECT NY)

What is it?

In a nutshell, a place where thousands of style industry insiders come together to form a shoppable marketplace.

It features men’s, women’s, & children’s apparel as well as footwear.

This massive style convention showcases the latest in fashion-forward clothing before the brand’s latest collections hit the stores.

The newest pieces, without the runway.

In attendance, you’ll find everyone from of the biggest brands in the industry to new emerging designers. Having a spot at PROJECT means massive exposure.

The job of the bloggers in the #BloggerPROJECT?

Find the best brands (in our opinion) and chat about them.

Having personally met over 150 brands, I can tell you that I barely scraped the surface of everyone who attended MAGIC, but I did scout out some awesome names to share with you.

This article is going to cover my top 5 favorite brands from PROJECT and why I picked them.

  1. Theory

Theory stood out to me for two big reasons.

  • Style
  • Quality


To describe their style, think fitted staples. They have every essential wardrobe item you can think of, from henley’s and white button downs to bomber jackets and navy suits.

Theory’s fabric is unique because they incorporate a little bit of elasticity in their slim fit pants. I like this for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s comfortable
  2. It’s durable


Their Neoteric trouser is 95% polyamide and 5% elastane. With high-quality fabric, these pants will last a long time.

2. Drifter

Drifter’s distinction fell in their unique line of clothing. The avant-garde feels really captured a stoicism that I haven’t seen in fashion in a while.

I’d like to simply label them a street style brand but there was a much bigger mood attached to their line. This isn’t a brand that I would normally wear, but Talun Zeitoun and My Belonging definitely wear it great.

They fell into my top 5 because there is definitely a market out there for this style, and it is huge. Keep an eye on this company for future street style and Avant-garde pieces.

3. Why Red

The European Rockstar. 

That is how I would describe WhyRed. This brand incorporates musical inspiration into their designs. You can tell just by looking at their pieces that they have a rakish, rock star feel. 

This is the type of clothing you would see on a group inspired by The Beatles or David Bowie. 

4. Matias Denim

One word: Innovation

Matias (pronounced mah-tee-us) is taking denim to another level with their pieces. They were previewing denim hats, shoes, overcoats, blazers, and the whole bit. Some would argue denim is made for pants only (and maybe a jacket), but that is where personal preference comes into play.

The item featured here on Talun is not out yet, but will be hitting the racks soon!

The denim overcoat.

5. Lords & Fools

Two words: Statement pieces.

Originating from French heritage, Lords & Fools carries the chic attitude that is eye catching. Expression is what this brand is all about. If you want to stand out from the everyday crowd, take a second look at these guys.

The designs pay close attention to little details that you don’t see on items normally. For this reason I had to give them a spot in my top 5.

They have showrooms and are in boutiques all over the world. Click here to find one near you!

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