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Double Denim & 5 Ways To Style It

Denim. 1915send

It had a humble beginning. 

Levi Strauss made millions during the 1850’s gold mining rush.

But it wasn’t from mining gold…

Mr. Strauss patented and delivered something more valuable than gold.

He created something the miners needed, 

The work pant

The term that you are more familiar with is,


This iconic piece of fabric has been a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe for years.

I see the double denim trend arise so often that sometimes I argue it has become a staple, and not a trend.

Time will tell. 

However, double denim is one of those styles where it’s really easy to get in some hot water. 

Throughout the rest of this article I am going to touch on 5 ways that double denim can work

1. Contrast Denim Colors

We all know the goal of style is to make it look effortless. 

When a whole outfit is strictly denim and the shades match identically, it gives off the impression of putting in effort. 

Having separate color contrasts gives off an effortless appearance. 

The most common ways to contrast denim is with different wash colors, however you can also mix different colors altogether. 

Black and blue denim is a personal favorite. 

Double Denimtopmandenim9Vitaly-18-683x1024

Photographer: Brett White

2. Utilize Half Denim Pieces


Photographer: Kristen Curette

What is a half denim piece?

Mixing fabrics in one piece has become increasingly popular amongst designers. 

It makes sense if you look at current pattern mixing etiquette.

An experienced stylist, aficianado, or guy who loves fashion will know how to mix textures together to make an outfit work.

Blending textures could possibly mean different fabrics. 

Whether it is wool and cotton, or fleece and tweed, crossing fabrics is a common technique. 

A jacket that mixes leather and denim in one takes away from the denim overload. 

The smooth/coarse contrast makes for an appealing effortless style. 

3. Mute the Denim With a Non-Denim Piece


Denim from: Lee Jeans Bow Tie from: S-gents

Muting patterns is a common technique to break up a noisy outfit.

A frequent approach that you may be familiar with is adding a solid tie to a patterned shirt.

The same principle holds true with denim.

If the double denim is overwhelming when you put it on, try adding a non-denim vest or a blazer to calm it down a little.

4. Add a Pop of Color

This can be done in several ways. 

The easiest way to infuse some color is to add a colorful shirt to an outfit with a denim jacket and jeans. 

Another alternative is to incorporate a blazer and tie to a denim shirt and pant combo. 

The reason this works is because eyes naturally attract to color. 

Incorporating this color draws attention away from the denim overload and onto the colorful areas. 

It turns out to be a nice combination. 

Check out some examples below. 

Topman SS 13 DenimDD color

Topman Denim lookbook


5. Be Confident


Model: Oliver Pras Photographer: Cedeno

None of the aforementioned techniques will work if you aren’t confident when wearing it.

Confidence is the best style you can wear.

If you look timid or unsure when you are walking down the street in double denim, people will pick up on your vibes. 

How does the saying go? 

“Fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it”

So wear it confidently. 

Final Word

Keep the denim in moderation. 

Next thing we know people will say “double denim is last season, it’s all about triple denim now…”


Don’t go there. 

What are your thoughts on double denim?

How else would you wear it?

Let me know in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: All images are credited in the captions or links embedded. 

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