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15 Rules Every Modern Gentleman Can Live By

How To Be A Gentleman (In 2017)

15 Rules Every Modern Gentleman Can Live By | How To Be A Gentleman (In 2017)

``Character, Intelligence, Strength, & Style...That's What Makes A Gentleman``

Being a gentleman today is not much different from many years ago…

Sure – some of the old school “hat tipping” may seem cheesy, but overall three things have remained timeless…

  • Manners
  • Style
  • Mindset


So – I asked my friend Sunjeev, founder of the website Street Gentleman, to chime in on what rules modern gentleman today should live by.

Enter Sunjeev: 

So what are those subtle habits that truly define a gentlemen?

For the most part, they pride themselves in their appearance, and genuinely make others feel uplifted when they’re around.

To help you tap into your inner gentleman, here are the top 15 rules each of them lives by.

Manners of A Gentleman

#1 He never makes others feel beneath him: in fact, a gentleman’s goal when interacting with others is to bring out the best in them. This is seen in the genuine interest he shows when people are talking and being fully present rather than allowing his mind to wander.

#2 He is ALWAYS willing to offer his advice, but never unsolicited: though he knows there’s no need to impose upon others, a gentleman is always happy to help. Being of service to others is a habit that they pride themselves in.

#3 He understands the difference between confidence and arrogance: it’s a very fine line between the two but a gentleman knows that crossing it will rub people the wrong way. His goal is to create a good impression and whine people over with his charm.

#4 He prides himself in the way he treats everyone: he sees all people as equals and treats them with the utmost respect. A wise man once said, “A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”

#5 He knows how to make at least one classic cocktail: James Bond has his signature martini. Learn how to make yourself a smooth Old Fashioned and save the rum & cokes for the frat boys.

Style of A Gentleman

#6 A wise man once said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners: gentlemen live by these words and see this as a form of respect for the company they keep. They ALWAYS know the dress code and never violate it.

#7 He is relentless with his footwear maintenance: knowing that his shoes are the first thing a lady notices and that they reveal a lot about his personality, a gentleman takes the proper steps to ensure his footwear always looks its best. Even in the harshest conditions.

#8 He always dresses with intention: rarely, if ever, does he wear something without a purpose. Each item is carefully chosen knowing that his outfit communicates to the world who he is and how he sees himself.

#9 He has a strict grooming routine: one that he sticks to on a consistent basis and ensures that every inch of his body is carefully taken care of. He understands that attention to detail can make or break deals in both the boardroom and the bedroom.

#10 He has a trademark look: this often comes in the form of a “uniform” that makes him distinguishable from others. It’s also a natural extension of his personality so he looks unique without trying too hard.

#11 He has his own signature scent: this rule is one of the most important. A gentleman’s scent leaves a lasting impression that’s appropriate for his age. It’s one that’s unique yet reflects his personality without being overbearing.

#12 He owns a small collection of suits: you’ll never see a gentleman under-dress for any occasion. Though he may not wear suits on a regular basis, he owns the staples knowing that an invitation to a formal event can present itself at any moment.

Mindset of A Gentleman

#13 He is willing to set aside his ego: a gentleman doesn’t always have to be right. He knows that even when he’s been corrected or if the opportunity to correct someone else presents itself, he’s ok with letting it slide.

#14 He is always willing to step outside of his comfort zone: A gentleman sees this as being fearless. He doesn’t worry about standing out from the crowd and can be perceived as a leader for doing so. This could be seen in the way he dresses, approaches new people he wants to meet, or voicing his opinion when necessary.

#15 He is ok with asking for help: he understands that he’ll never know everything and is ok with getting input from others. A gentleman recognizes his opportunities for growth and addresses them by seeking advice from people who have already achieved what he’s looking to accomplish.

Final Words On Modern Gentlemen

Bringing out the best in your fellow man comes in a variety of forms.

A gentleman encourages the men and women around him to bring their A-game, not only through positive encouragement and constructive feedback but through his actions.

The way a gentleman presents himself is just as, if not more, important than the way he conducts himself.

Keep in mind that it only takes 7 seconds for someone to decide if they like you or not…

What do you think your style says about you?

If you want to make a good first impression, check out this free guide today!

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