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3 Essential Boots For Every Man | Best Boot Styles For ALL Seasons


What’s the most versatile shoe any man can own?

I’ll give you a hint…it comes from military heritage.



Why boots?

They elevate every outfit.

They send a masculine signal (strength, rugged, rough around the edges, yet refined). 

I can wear them year round, rain or shine.

They’re useful & stylish. It’s a win-win!

This article is going to cover 3 essential boots every man should own.

What's The Big Deal With Boots?

Out of the 20 pairs of shoes I have, I wear my suede Chelsea boots about 75% of the time.


Outside of the extreme comfort from Thursday Boot’s soft inner lining…they are a subtle way to stylishly set yourself apart.

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You and another gent could have the same type of jeans and blazer on – but add in boots – you will stand out.

Boots have a benefit that goes beyond style as well:

  • Message – Boots signal power, strength, and masculinity.
  • Versatile – Boots can be worn with a suit, casual, or business casual wear.
  • Durable –  Boots are long lasting and made to withstand all the wear and tear you will put on them.
  • Protection – Boots are designed to be weather protective. They also support the ankle for rough terrain.

Originating from the military, they were made to march through the harshest conditions, especially brands that have Goodyear welted soles.

In a nutshell, they rule!

Suede Vs. Leather

What’s the difference between Suede and leather?

From a purely aesthetic perspective, the textures send different messages.

Suede = rugged

Leather = refined

They both can be dressed up and down. But leather will elevate a casual outfit while suede will dress down more professional looks.

From a functional point of view, certain hides are best worn in specific weather conditions.



A hide that has been split, with the softer, velvet-like underside placed on the exterior of the garment or shoe.

The texture of the hide stands out and give the boot a rugged aesthetic that works well with casual outfits. Pair them with denim and they just work!

Treatment: It’s softer and more delicate because it’s made from the dermis of the hide. As such, specialized cleaners are needed. Scuffs can be removed with a rubber eraser or toothbrush. Steam and rubbing can remove most severe marks.

Traditionally you want to steer clear of inclement weather when wearing suede, but Thursday Boots have developed a new technology called WeatherSafe Suede. (which is awesome!)

Hydrophobic compounds are introduced to the leather at the beginning of the tanning process. In other words, water was used to make suede so it can take a little water outdoors. I wouldn’t recommend hanging out with your friends in puddles, though.



The outer layer of the hide. It’s extremely durable and comes in many different forms:

  • Full grain: Hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed
  • Top grain: Most common type and second best in quality, sanded and a finish coat has been added
  • Corrected grain: any leather that has an artificial grain applied to the surface


Treatment: You’ll want to treat with saddle soap, leather conditioner, and polish to keep the leather hydrated, soft, and lasting a lifetime.

If you happen to soak the leather rain or snow be sure to put some newspaper in the toe to keep its shape while it dries. Once dry, condition the leather to prevent cracking.

Ideally, you want to find boots that use full grain leather.

3 Types of Boots Every Man Should Own

Lace-Up Boot


Why Own One?

Lace up boots are basically a dress shoe that extends upward to the ankle. Owning this style gives you a classic, reliable, and timeless look.


  • This boot is extremely versatile.
  • Masculine
  • Strong Ankle support
  • Durable
  • Dress up & down

How to Style It

Suede Chelsea


Why Own One

To me, it’s the best boot out there. The texture of the boot sets it apart for any look. It’s a very modern spin on the classic chelsea dress boot.


  • Wear with suits
  • Wear with denim.
  • Slip on & off while traveling
  • Insanely comfortable

How to Style It

Suede Chukka


Why Own One

It’s the quintessential casual boot. Constructed using the derby system, this lace up boot is designed for comfort.


  • Take business casual to the next level
  • Lots of space
  • Jars the outfit (makes the look pop)

How to Style It

This post was sponsored by Thursday Boots

They make the highest quality boots I’ve seen at their price point. 

I would compare their boots to most $300-$400 boots I’ve seen and they sell for half that price. 


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