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From The Boardroom To The Playroom

How To Effortlessly Transition Day To Night Outfits With GQ & Men's Wearhouse

How To Effortlessly Transition Day & Night Outfits | Office To Nightlife Style With GQ

``Transitioning your style from ``corporate`` to ``edgy`` is about owning pieces that are interchangeable and versatile``

It’s Friday…

It’s been a long day….

Meetings…emails…more meetings…did anything really get done?

You end up having to stay late…no time to go home and get ready for the night.

Friends start blowing up your phone.

“Where are you?”

That new club across the street booked your favorite band and you want to wind down and have fun with the guys (and maybe a few ladies). 

But…you’re dressed like a business man…

You want to transition out of your corporate persona mentally and visually.

How can you shift your day to night style seamlessly without having to pack a wardrobe in your car?

That’s what we’re covering in today’s article.

How to effortlessly transition your style with a few pieces. 

If you want to see more – I collaborated with GQ & Men’s Wearhouse to bring you the outfits & content.

You can see the GQ article by clicking here.

How To Transition From ``Corporate`` To ``Edgy`` Style Effortlessly

So – What can you do?

Easy – I call it the swap method.

One or two pieces remain the same and you swap the shirt & shoes (and maybe an accessory or two)

This way you can pack light and bring clothing items that are interchangeable but will completely transform your style from “corporate guy” to “edgy guy”

Side note* – Another swap you can make is with your cologne. Your daytime scent has probably faded after 8 hours of working. Throw on a night time cologne that’s great for close encounters. Nothing that announces your presence, but is subtly discovered.

Something like YSL La Nuit De L’homme or Dior Sauvage are great choices.

Okay onto the outfits.

Outfit 1: Day Look

Key Pieces: Day Look

  • Navy Blazer or Sports Jacket (this will be your interchangeable piece) 
  • Gray denim for the casual swag (especially on Friday’s)
  • Black Wingtips (contrast well with the denim)
  • A monochrome navy polo (great for the spring/summer heat)

The fit & color of the jacket is key here. Navy keeps things business casual and if you end up losing it by lunch time, make sure the polo sleeves end mid-bicep.

Outfit 2: Night Look

Swap Method: Night Look

  • Keep the navy blazer (for interchangeability) 
  • Swap the gray jeans for dark cotton chinos
  • Swap the wingtips for leather sneakers (no – not workout shoes)
  • Swap the polo for a white button down (black skinny tie optional)

This look is dressier than the office outfit, but the sneakers bring it back down to keep you looking casual for a fun night out. 

Looks 1 & 2: Day To Night Swap Method In Real Time

Outfit 3: Day Look

Key Pieces: Day Look

  • Charcoal Suit (to keep it business) 
  • Gray polo (to keep it casual)
  • Dark sneakers (So your comfortable around the office)

This is a great look for a business casual work environment. As long as the sneakers look stylish they can work. Avoid canvas or workout shoes. Leather sneakers are the goal. 

Outfit 4: Night Look

Swap Method: Night Look

  • Keep the charcoal suit (interchangeability) 
  • Swap the sneakers for oxfords (with no show socks)
  • Swap the polo for a white button down and black skinny tie. 
  • Throw in a white cotton pocket square. 

You’re dressed to impress tonight. Go have fun and look great all at once. 

Looks 3 & 4: Day To Night Swap Method In Real Time

Day To Night Style Concluded

This method is about getting the most mileage out of all your clothing. Each outfit is simple, versatile, and combines multiple pieces from the previous look to give you an entirely new attitude.

Style transitions can be easy with the swap method. Let me know in the comments what you think!


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