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Cool Hairstyles and Hair Care For Men

Hey guys! For this post, I’m not going to act like I’m an expert at styling/managing hair, but I do learn from the best. So instead, I am going to let my stylist Charlene tell you what to look for in a hair stylist so you can go and get your own fresh cut.


  • Some of these questions are from me and some are from my Snapchat friends that sent in questions. I want to write things that you want to read about. If you follow me on Snapchat (UnkeptGentleman) you can get first-hand look at blog posts I’m working on and/or help me write the post by providing input. I hope you guys enjoy the interview.
  • None of these answers were sponsored by anyone, they are the opinions of the stylist.

Enter Charlene:

Hey Charlene, where did you learn to cut hair?

I’d like to say school but I’m a visual person so what I did was look for the stylist who I thought had the best hair-cutting skills and watched them. My main mentor was and is Jon Hensler.

What is your best advice for what people should look for in a hair stylist?

Look at their other client’s hair. If their hair looks good even after they left the salon and can recreate the same look when they’re not around their stylist, then that means the cut is good and that the stylist did their job right and educated their client well. My clients are my best advertisements and I owe everything to them.

How much product should someone use in their hair?

It really depends on the event, style or the effort a person wants to invest in their hair. For weddings or prom, you want it to last throughout the day/evening so I will usually layer in products so the style will hold. But for the everyday, I usually like the minimal (dime size) or even recommend at times to not use any products because if the cut is done right, their hair looks flawless even though they just may have rolled out of bed lol!

What specific product do you use in my hair?

I use Aveda. Whenever I see you, I use a hair detoxifier or Invati Shampoo to deep clean your hair since I know you use products and want to get rid of any buildup. Then I use an Aveda conditioner and that varies since it depends on what I feel your hair needs at the time. In the past we have used the Men’s Pomade and at times the Control Force hairspray, but recently since your hair is getting longer, we switched it to the Light Elements Shaping Wax, all in Aveda’s men’s line.

What is the name of my hairstyle?

I would call it an undercut pompadour.

What are good products for a matte (no shine) finish? Wet finish? Light shine finish?

No shine- Control Paste (strong hold) or Shaping Wax (med. hold). Wet finish-Pomade or anything from Aveda’s Brilliant line. Light shine finish-there’s a few from the light elements line but the right amount of hairspray can give a soft shine or even the liquid pomade gives it a softer shine finish.

What is the best product to use if you have oily hair? Dry hair?

For oily hair I love to use hair potion (it’s a hair powder) or air control (working hairspray) near the roots or base of the hair and anything that’s light you don’t want to weigh the hair down. Dry hair is almost the opposite. Depending on the texture of hair you want something that will have frizz control due to dryness but not weigh the hair down so smooth infusion comes to mind but really it depends. I believe in the whole yin/yang to achieve balance and that applies to hair.

How often should you wash your hair?

Again that depends on the hair, scalp, lifestyle, etc… My general rule is, if it stinks like after a sweaty gym workout, wash it. One of my clients has oily hair and she used to wash it everyday which resulted in it becoming hyperactive oily. I told her to wash it less, use a specific type of brush and shampoo. Her hair no longer over produces oil since she’s not over washing it and as a result, she’s happy because she has the result she always wanted.

What are good hair products for people who have thinning hair and want to thicken it?

Honestly there’s a lot out there that are effective. There’s the Invati System that is a hair loss prevention line from Aveda and a new thickening serum that they just came out with that I absolutely love, but see your Doctor/Dermatologist and ask if they have OTC stuff that work for hair loss. A few of my closest/stylist friends take the OTC stuff that I get to see work firsthand since I’m their stylist.

If you have a slightly receding hairline, what are some cool styles to make it look less noticeable?

I’d say embrace it but again there’s still too many possibilities. You could go long all over, faded sides with a long top…several of my male clients have that. One always wanted a pompadour and didn’t think it was possible but we did it and it looked awesome! As long as there is enough hair on the head, the possibilities are endless. But if you have only 3 hairs on your head like Homer Simpson then okay, hats are cool too.

Do you recommend a hard part?

I will recommend it if it works with the haircut but ultimately it’s up to the client.

What products work best for long and thick hair? Short hair?

It depends on the kind of result you’re looking for. For example, for long thick hair, my clients usually don’t want it to look heavy or weighed down but still controlled so I like to use the pure abundance line. Short hair to me is exciting since I’ve used just about everything on it for so many different looks.

What are your favorite hair trends?

My favorite is the whole dapper classic men’s look. But I love the looks from the 1920’s spanning to a little into the 60’s for men. For women however I love everything from the 1920’s through the 80’s. You see a little bit of everything only everything has a little modern twist today since now it’s being paired with exciting colors. Kind of like a Hot Rod. You have a classic car with modern parts or everything in between. The bones are classic but the technology might be that of a fighter jet plane.

What trend cut is coming after the undercut?

Lol! I’m pretty sure whatever David Beckham comes up with next will be the next trend.

Do you cut womens hair too?

Yes! Womens hair for me is easier to cut than men’s hair, but not every stylist is able to cut men’s hair since the margin for error with short hair can make some stylists nervous. I love it since this is where I can be very precise and I enjoy that kind of stuff.

For the Houston locals, what Salon do you work at and how can they book an appointment with you?

I work at The Upper Hand Hair Salon located at 1905 Westheimer, Houston, Texas 77098 and they can book by calling the Salon at 713.520.0072 and ask for an appointment with me, Charlene Dique. I have clients who see me from as far as Brazil, New York and regulars who see me from Austin and other cities every other week. I really do have the best clients and I’m super grateful.

I hope you guys found the interview informative! Thanks Charlene taking the time to answer these questions.

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Here is a video of Charlene in action cutting my hair!

Travis’ Haircut from Travis White on Vimeo.

Here are some hairstyles that I love

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