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5 Style Tips for Larger Men | Dressing The Big & Tall Man

Dressing The Tall Man (1)Andre The Giant.

Shaquille O’Neal.

It must be a nightmare finding off-the-rack clothing for these guys.

Can you relate to that?

Okay maybe you’re not a giant (literally) Hollywood actor or a 7’1 NBA player, but nature has given you the gift of height.

Be Proud!

Several studies show that height is a contributing factor for success.

However, that doesn’t mean ignore your appearance.

Use every weapon in your arsenal to strengthen your image.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know the best ways to complement your body type with clothing.

It’s easy to buy clothes that are “close enough”. Don’t settle!

This article is going to cover dressing the Big & Tall Man, what complements him the best, and where to shop.


Why Care About Style?

It’s convenient to find the closest thing that fits, throw in the towel and call it a day.

So why care?

I’m sure you already know the unfair judgments and preconceived notions about “large men”. (Fat, Lazy, Careless etc.) Is it a fair assessment? No. I wouldn’t classify Andre The Giant as lazy…(any wrestling fans reading?) But society works this way.

Nevertheless, putting in the little bit of effort to care about your style automatically shuts down any of those notions. Not just from others, but from yourself too. It raises confidence, makes you more approachable, and earns respect.

In addition, caring about your style opens doors to put in efforts elsewhere as well.  It’s not the sole factor to success, but it is a gateway. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

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family guyWhat’s The Goal?

What is the ideal image for big & tall men?

Before we talk about what the goal is, let’s define what the goal is NOT.

The goal is NOT costuming. There’s no miracle jacket that will make you look like Clark Kent before hopping out of the phone booth.

Most off-the-rack clothing is engineered for the trapezoid shaped body. This means relatively wide shoulders with a slight taper down the waist, and through to the legs.

The classic model on the runway look.

If this is you, congratulations you should consider being a professional mannequin. 😉

If this is not you, which it probably isn’t since you clicked on this article, read on for all is not lost.

The goal is also NOT to look like a mannequin.

So what’s the goal when dressing? How do you know if something compliments your body type well?

The goal is to have an overall BALANCED and PROPORTIONAL look.

No amount of clothing will actually change your genetic body type, but the right clothing can help give you a streamlined look.

EPSON scanner imageSo How Should It Fit?

One word: proportions.

Humans have a knack for noticing if things are out of balance. Just ask accountants.

The primary way to get the right proportions is to focus in on fit. Too tight and it’s uncomfortable, too loose and it can look sloppy.

The fit should be just right, which means lightly following the shape of the body in a relaxed way.

The goal is for someone to look at the outfit from head to toe without stopping anywhere in the middle to take notice. A fluid appearance. Several tactics can be used to give this look.

5 Tips For How to Wear Each Item

13245273334_f3d7dbd771_o1. Pants – Wear Pants At The Natural Waistline

Pants worn at the natural waistline (around the belly button) give you a streamlined look. This helps lengthen the legs and hide any unwanted belly from showing.

Suspenders are preferred over a belt. Belts divide your outfit into two parts causing it to be separated between the top and the bottom (High contrasting pant and shirt combinations also do this), which stop the eyes midway when looking at an outfit.

Belts also have a tendency to drift down below the belly causing your pants to be worn below the natural waist.

The goal is to have one fluid outfit with no distractions.


Ratio Clothing2. Shirts – Wear Spread Collars 

Make use of spread collars. They are wider which gives more room for larger tie knots, and are more proportionate to a wider face.

Additionally, the number one thing to look for is fit. Excess fabric (puffy shirt syndrome) looks sloppy and too tight of shirts come off as unbalanced and uncomfortable

Finding that fit off-the-rack will be hard. Make sure you know a good tailor.


3. Suits – Avoid Double Breasted

Avoid double breasted suits as they will make you appear wider than you are.

Suits define the overall structure and set the balance of the entire outfit. Structured jackets give your shoulders a wider look helping with the image of a taper from the shoulders to the waist.

Another tip is to keep the “V” of the jacket shorter by purchasing a suit with a higher top button. This adds to the fluidity of the outfit without accentuating the belly.

Lastly, long overcoats add a nice streamlined look from head to toe, giving a balanced feeling to the attire.



shaquille oneal 24. Accessories – Wear Larger Details

Larger men should focus on larger accessories. This keeps your hefty nature balanced. An advantage here is that larger accessories are generally associated with power, which compliments your body type well.

This means wider ties, wide peak lapels, thicker glasses, and larger watches.

If your accessories are too skinny or small they will appear flimsy or unbalanced on you.

Sorry, no skinny ties for you!


5. Colors & Patterns – Subtle Patterns Are Your Friend

Avoid shirts with horizontal stripes, or heavy checks. They can make you look wider than you are.

While vertical lines can help draw eyes upward, they can also follow the shape of the belly which accentuates the stomach, giving an illusion of looking larger than you are.

If you want to incorporate decorative clothing, wear micro patterns, or subtle patterns woven into the fabric.

Solid and simple colors are your best bet. Navy, gray, black, olive, and brown.


Where To Shop

First – Know your measurements!

Here is a tape measure you can buy from Indochino for $1

tape measure

Levis Big & Tall Jeans  36 in + inseams 58+ waist



Eddie Bauer Big & Tall Shirts  up to 3XL

Eddie Bauer


Studio Suits – Online Custom Made To Measure Suits

Studio Suits


Deo Veritas – Made To Measure Shirts

Deo Veritas MTM


Ratio Clothing – Made To Measure Shirts

Ratio Clothing


In Summary

Remember, the goal is not to be a mannequin. The goal is to be proportional to your body.

  • Fit is King
  • Wear pants at the natural waistline
  • Opt for suspenders over a belt
  • Single Breasted > Double Breasted
  • Get to know a good tailor
  • Balance all accessories
  • Keep the accessories larger
  • Wear subtle patterns and solid colors
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