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The Same Outfit For Going Out And Working Out? | Stay Stylish In The Gym | Athleisure For Men Defined

Perry-Ellis-360-3Do you believe that you can be stylish and remain comfortable?

Like extremely comfortable…

Is that possible?

There is a new wave of style that has erupted over the past few years and it’s known as “Athleisure”.

Athleisure can be described as athletic gear that is stylish for the gym and the day.

A collision of performance and style.

The trend began with women’s fashion, but in recent years has forcibly inserted itself into men’s style.

Athleisure affords you the ability to run to the gym, your kid brother’s soccer game and to brunch all at the same time.

The number one goal is comfort and performance but many brands have taken special care to design athleisure pieces that reflect impeccable style as well.

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Does Caring About Workout Attire Matter?

To try and explain the answer to this I have a short story.

I grew up playing soccer. Our coach always wanted us to clean up and fix our hair before the game.

I was always so confused.

“Why coach? We’re just going to get sweaty again” I would say.

His answer was simple…

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you perform better”

It took a while for this to resonate with me. Obviously, it didn’t make us more skillful players, but it put us in a confident state of mind.

When the whole team shows up with clean and crisp uniforms and fresh hairstyles, that allowed us to play better, and not to mention the intimidation factor to the other team.

So why would you want to have great style in the gym?

It translates into the quality of your workout.  If you are wearing an outfit built for style AND function you will feel great and work harder…at least that’s the goal. It still takes you actually doing the work.

This may seem like rubbish to you, but if you ask many guys that train, they at least want to look put together at the gym.

It’s important to note that being all matchy-matchy is not the goal as the gym is not a fashion show, but looking well put together can help your confidence while exercising.

It also does help to stand out when that person you’ve been eyeing in the gym for weeks walks in.

Now let’s talk specifically about some of my favorite athleisure pieces.


Top 3 Athleisure Pieces

Joggers and Fitted Sweatpants

They fit snug around the waist with a slightly dropped crotch that allows for movement and comfort. They are usually made of cotton or cotton blend and taper at the ankle.

This helps elongate the leg. Joggers are an essential part of my wardrobe as they can be paired with t-shirts and well-fitted button down shirts.

Sport Shorts

Sports shorts are hybrid in nature. They are loose enough to work out in but fitted enough to remain sleek and stylish.

They are usually made of a breathable material that’s great for wicking sweat and movement. I mean, honestly, what’s the point of wearing shorts that are thick and hot. It’s kind of defeats the purpose!

Athleisure  Shirts

These types of shirts are most often short sleeved (although sleeveless and long sleeve shirts are available) and well fitted.

They are designed to have the appearance of a lifestyle shirt, but what sets them apart is the material that they’re made from.

They are constructed from a sweat-wicking synthetic material.  Sweat-wicking just means that the fabric pulls the sweat away from your body which keeps the clothing from sticking or absorbing sweat. Usually, the fabric is polyester or synthetic in nature.

Again, athleisure apparel has a style component that’s woven into the athletic pieces. I can’t overstress this because as a guy who’s into fitness, that kind of care that brands take means a lot to me and other fitness/fashion mavens that I know. There are, however, other benefits that are worth mentioning.

Benefits of Athleisure Apparel

Comfortable and Durable Fabric

Athleisure apparel is made for comfort. The polyester or other sweat wicking material is soft and helps to pull sweat away from your body. This is beneficial for those times you are being really active or just during the warm weather months.

The fabric of all the pieces is lightweight and breathable. Whether it’s polyester or a cotton blend, the fabric is comfortable enough to go to a neighbor’s BBQ in or strong enough to endure wind sprints!

Great Fit For Men Who Enjoy Working Out

Athletically built guys have it tough when it comes to finding pieces that fit them and their lifestyle.

It can be done but it’s usually with a tailor and can be very expensive. Athleisure is a great way to keep your style fresh and current while you keep your body in tip-top shape.

Because the pieces move with you and are loose in the places where most of your muscle mass is (chest and thighs) it works well with muscular guys.

It’s also convenient for an athlete’s lifestyle as many changes of wardrobe aren’t necessary because many pieces can be worn on a fun date right before the gym!

Cool Style for Hot Weather

The warm months are here and it’s only going to get hotter as spring and summer progresses. As such, you have to be prepared. Many times it’s a chore to go out because the clothes that you have may not be the best for warm temperatures.

Athleisure is one solution. They are stylish enough to wear to the movies or your favorite bar and will keep you cool.

The warm weather months also make up the peak travel season. Since the temperature peaks during this time, it’s important to have lightweight and stylish clothing options that you can take a trip in.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with the Perry Ellis 360 Performance line. Their sweat wicking material is comfortable, stylish, and functional all in one. 

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