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A Q&A with Menswear Dog

If you are unfamiliar with Menswear dog, then you should probably just open up any social media app, or the internet in general, because this pup of style is the definition of virality. I had the privilege of sitting down with Menswear Dog for an interview, and let me tell you, his humor and class matches his style. He is an all around down to earth, funny, classy pup. We were able to chat about influences, hobbies, doggy dates, his new menswear book, and how he plays hard to get with the ladies. I hope you guys enjoy the interview! I definitely did.

Hey Menswear Dog, what is your real name?
Bodhi – named after Patrick Swayze in the cult 90’s flick “Point Break”.

When did you know you loved menswear?
I always knew. It took my agents 2 years to figure out my real talent.

What is the first item of clothing you ever owned?
A custom tailored blazer made by my personal designer/tailor.

How did you get started blogging?
Honestly, I’ve always loved menswear, and I followed a lot of menswear fashion bloggers, but it was only when I started modeling that I began to explore blogging in a more serious way.

What are some of your hobbies?
I like people watching. You’ll find me in Soho on the weekends, sporting my weekend best and sipping cold-brew while discussing skateboards.

Who are some of your style influences? (Human or K-9)
I love everything that Hedi Slimane touches.

Do you find it is easier to get doggy dates with your awesome style?
Yeah, I usually have to wear sunglasses when I go out to keep the ladies away, but in hindsight I think it makes them chase me even harder.

What brands do you usually lean towards?
Brands that understand their identity and aren’t governed by trends.

Would you consider yourself more of a “street dog” or a “dapper dog”?
Dapper dog but street in the sheets.

Where do you shop for shoes?
My assistant will know – you should ask her.

What does style mean to you?
Style is the ability to make clothing items your own. It’s not about how the shirt wears you – it’s about how you wear the shirt.

What is your budget for lint rollers?
We go through about 1 roll a week give or take. So 52 lint rollers a year? Around $300 just to keep my jacket lint-free.

Tell me about your new book and where it can be purchased?
My new book is called Menswear Dog presents the New Classics and it highlights the timeless, can’t-go-wrong pieces that every man needs in his wardrobe from Spring to Winter. All looks are modeled by me, and there’s also fantastic advice on nailing the fit, and how to buy and care for your items. It’s available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other bookstores and websites.

So as a pup you have managed to gain a huge following in the menswear niche, What is one piece of advice you can give to some human menswear bloggers who are trying to break into the industry? Other pup bloggers?
Consistency and quality of photos seem to be great contributing factors in the success of a blogger. In the menswear niche, it’s also important to have an aspirational aspect to your lifestyle.

Where can everyone find you online or on social media?
My blog is on Tumblr. I am @mensweardog on Instagram and Twitter, and I’m active on Facebook as well. Find me!


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